Grade For Canal-Front Lot

Important Information for new Rotonda home owners and contractors who are building on our canals!

Rotonda West Association’s (RWA) prime objective as a part of our community is to enhance the canals and their banks to provide an asset to the homeowners. The maintenance of the canals and their banks is the duty of the association. Through the deed restrictions the RWA has the authority to specify and control the grading and construction on the canal banks.

The high terrain in Broadmoor, Pinehurst, White Marsh and Pine Valley complicates this task. The banks are high and steep making them difficult to maintain for either the RWA or the homeowner. To solve this problem a standardized grade-slope requirement is included in the RWA deed restrictions to produce a finished product that is attractive and easy to maintain. A gentle slope is the result -extending from the edge of the existing canal to blend into your yard. The view of the canal is improved and canal bank maintenance is significantly eased. The beneficiary is the homeowner.

Sod laid in strips for erosion contraol at Rotonda West AssociationThe RWA deed restrictions require the new homeowner to have the canal bank graded and sodded per the attached Fig. 1: Grade Requirements for Canal-front Lots. Make sure that your Builder-Contractor is aware of this requirement in developing your site plan, i.e. when planning your home location relative to the canal. If your new home construction is next to an “ungraded” lot the transitional area can be handled by the installation of sod strips.

Again, welcome to Rotonda West!! The RWA is here to help you and your neighbors make Rotonda a “Better Place to Live.”

A Homeowners Guide to Rotonda Canals