About Your Property

Property Information from Charlotte County Property Appraiser

Charlotte County offers extensive online information about your property. Below please find instructions for accessing your property records and property map. At the bottom of this page you will find the contact e-mail addresses if you have questions regarding your particular records.

This page will instruct you how to:

  • Search for Real Property records on the County of Charlotte Property Appraiser Tax Collector website
  • Find a property map using the Charlotte County Geographical Information System (GIS) website

Visit the Charlotte County Property Appraiser’s Website to begin your search: https://www.ccappraiser.com

Use the search form to search for your property.  You can search by street address, or you can use your Property ID Number found on your tax bill. Find your name and click on the corresponding Parcel ID/Account Number.

Depending on the type of property you own, you may see the following information:

  • General Parcel Information
  • Ownership Information
  • Sales Information
  • Current Preliminary Summary>
  • Current Certified Tax Poll Values
  • Amount of Taxes if paid by
  • Tax Information
  • Building Information
  • Building Appendage Information
  • Building Construction Information
  • Land Improvement Information
  • Legal Description

You can see a map of your property’s location by clicking on the “View Map” Button at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the question below to see the answer.

What is the procedure for getting space in the Rotonda RV Parking Lot?

To reserve space in the Rotonda RV Parking lot, please contact:

John and Barbara Peszko at 941-697-7592 / [email protected] or
Richard Duggan at 941-697-1891 / [email protected]

How much is the yearly assessment and when is it due?

The mandatory yearly assessment for Rotonda West Association, Inc. is $190.00 for the year 2020. All lot owners will receive a statement by December 31st. All payments must be received by February 15th. All payments are due upon receipt. Payments postmarked after February 15th will be charged a late fee of $25.00.

Can I pay my yearly assessment using a credit card?

Rotonda West Association, Inc. accepts Visa, Mastercard, AM Express and Discover. A surcharge of $25.00 will be applied to fees returned “unpaid” or charged back by a financial institution.

Return in person or by mail the completed credit card form along with the top of your statement to the RWA office at 646 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West, Florida 33947. Or you can fax to the RWA office. (941) 697-0788.

Click here to pay online.

Click here for the printable Credit Card Form you’ll need to fill out and mail in.

How do I let the RWA office know that my mailing address has changed?

Please click here for the RWA change of address form.

Return in person or by mail the completed change of address form to the RWA office at 646 Rotonda Circle, Rotonda West, Florida 33947 – or you can fax it to the RWA office. (941) 697-0788

If you notify us by e-mail, please be sure to include all the information found in the form.
E-mail to: [email protected]

I've just moved to Rotonda West and don't know where my polling location is?

Please click here and you will be taken to the Charlotte County Supervisor of Elections website. This website has specific information such as Charlotte County precincts, polling locations, absentee voting, and contact information.

When is the trash picked up in Rotonda West?

Garbage, Recyclables, & Yard Waste are collected once a week on Tuesday. Place all items curbside before 5 AM the day of collection. Helpful hint: A few moth balls in your trash bag will keep the birds and critters from tearing them open.

Automated Garbage Collection Brochure
Curbside Recycling Program Guide

For more specific information, visit the Municipal Solid Waste Management Division – Environmental Services website. This website contains information about landfills, Recycling Program, free mulch, household hazardous waste, West Charlotte Mini-Transfer & Recycling Facility, as well as contacts