About Your Property

Property Information from Charlotte County Property Appraiser

Charlotte County offers extensive online information about your property. Below please find instructions for accessing your property records and property map. At the bottom of this page you will find the contact e-mail addresses if you have questions regarding your particular records.

This page will instruct you how to:
  • Search for Real Property records on the County of Charlotte Property Appraiser Tax Collector website
  • Find a property map using the Charlotte County Geographical Information System (GIS) website

Visit the Charlotte County Property Appraiser’s Website to begin your search: https://www.ccappraiser.com

Use the search form to search for your property.  You can search by street address, or you can use your Property ID Number found on your tax bill. Find your name and click on the corresponding Parcel ID/Account Number.

Depending on the type of property you own, you may see the following information:

  • General Parcel Information
  • Ownership Information
  • Sales Information
  • Current Preliminary Summary>
  • Current Certified Tax Poll Values
  • Amount of Taxes if paid by
  • Tax Information
  • Building Information
  • Building Appendage Information
  • Building Construction Information
  • Land Improvement Information
  • Legal Description