January 3

January 3

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Community Relations Committee
Meeting Minutes --January 3, 2018

Present: Earl Haas, Chair, Russ Kulp, Liaison, Wayne Mengel, Sue Killion, Christine Lee, Sue Superak, Don Mahon, David Pulaski, Andy Vanscyoc

Not Present: Linda Bondeson, Barry Kean, George Burger, Ginni Mahon,

Staff: Scott Feldkamp

Guests: Sam Besase, Hank Killion, Patti Cowin, Steve Superak, Pat Dix.

Meeting called to order by Chairman Haas at 2 p.m.

Minutes of the December 6 meeting were approved on-line


Committee Membership Confirmation

All committee members present confirmed membership status for 2018. Chairman Earl will send an email to those not present requesting their status.

West Ways

Christine reported that the Nov/Dec issue will be delivered on January 10th. Volunteers are needed to prepare the mailing.

Christine distributed a preliminary contents list for the Jan/Feb issue. Deadline is February 16.

Web Site

Christine reported on problems with the Community Calendar and researched a better software package to update the list at a cost of $99.00 per year.

She updated information and a new photo of the new Board Other information was updated and the Photo Gallery updated with new photos. Web visitors in December numbered 4,091 and November was 3,512.

Christmas Task Assignments

Sue Superak reported that she received only a handful of task reports from committee members and requested others to complete theirs. Reports will be used for 2018 Parade planning.

Christmas in the Community

The Island & Gazebo Lighting and Boat Parade and the Christmas Parade all earned high marks.

Breaking News......Earl disclosed the happy news that no crooks stole any decorations this year!

Volunteer of the Year Award

There was discussion to defer a nomination for 2017 with a mixed reaction. A sub-committee consisting of Wayne, Sue Killion and Don will meet and present a proposal at the next meeting.

Lake Names

Broadmoor Park has 12 lakes with Lake Farrell the only one named so far after the Park benefactor. Members were asked to determine if subsequent names are needed, and if so, under what theme. Our committee will work in conjunction with the Building & Grounds Committee. Wayne brought up the future planning for the Park. He noted that he had visited the Botanical & Sculpture Gardens of Punta Gorda that is under construction and was impressed

Old Business

Sue Killion thanked the Committee for its gift to her for baking goodies enjoyed by the committee at the conclusion of each meeting. Sue followed with an outstanding dessert dish for all.

Sue Killion read a statement that she had served the RWA for 9 years as a staff photographer and it's time to step down. Members expressed regrets and complimented Sue on her good work. She will continue as a member of the committee.

New Business

Don brought up the email request by a staff member to consider publicizing the "Greenlight For a Vet" program in West Ways. The program would involve changing one outdoor light to green as a symbol of support for our veterans. Reaction was mixed. Andy will research the program and, if acceptable, will post an announcement on his Rotonda West Facebook page and later drive around to see if residents are participating.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:47 p.m.

The next meeting is at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7.


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