On Thursday, March 25th at 6PM, Ms. Kimberly Kelly, Charlotte County Public Works Community Liaison, will make a presentation to RWA members via Zoom and in person at the Community Center. Seating will be limited.  She will be speaking on behalf of your Rotonda West Streets and Drainage Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU).  Ms. Kelly will be addressing the proposed $200 increase in your MSBU assessment and explaining how it is proposed to be spent. She will have a powerpoint presentation of the plans regarding paving, bridge repairs and drainage remediation. People who have questions will be able to submit them ahead of time, by e-mailing them to [email protected] , or you can ask them at the meeting.

Zoom Link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87320507947?pwd=QlIzYWpZd3poZzdlTmtGK2RSQXFsZz09 

March 3, 2021