The Rotonda West Association (RWA) has ambitious new plans for improvements in our website!  Patricia Aho, Manager Hedges, and Communication Specialist Joe Harris,  have been researching ways to make the site more secure and more useful to our members.  In a few months, you will find that when you visit the home page of our site ( you will need to register to gain access to the rest of it.  The home page will be the only public part of the site.  To register, you will have to choose a username and a password and thereafter you will use them to sign in to see more than the home page.  The plan is to change from a public website to a private “members only” one.  Some advantages to members that the RWA anticipates are: having two way communication with the RWA; being able to vote “on line “as well as make payments “on line”; having access to their personal accounts; having the ability to respond to surveys as well as receive documents and announcements that formerly would have been mailed.  The increased privacy will enable recorded meetings to be available only to members.  Minutes to meetings will also only be available to members.  There are many other advantages to having a private site and the RWA plans to take advantage of them as the it evolves. Currently, the RWA communicates with members both by mail and through the website.  In the future, some of the information that formerly would have been mailed will be published on the web site instead.  Since one mailing can cost upwards of $10,000, this will result in a big savings in postage alone!  Other improvements are being investigated too!  More information will be available later.  For now, you just need to know that in the near future, you will be required to register to gain access to our website.  Stay tuned!