Policies and Procedures


Rotonda West is a peaceful, planned community situated near the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida. It is located mid-way between Sarasota and Fort Myers. Rotonda West contains 8,000 home sites with over 5,000 homes completed with a total population of 13,000. Residents are predominantly full-time homeowners and their families, as well as tenants and those who winter in the community.

There are seven golf courses operated by Rotonda Golf and Country Club. Thirty miles of canals, lakes and ponds wind through the community and offer fishing and boating opportunities for its residents.

Many exotic and beautiful birds call Rotonda West home, as it is a designated Bird Sanctuary. Nearby recreation facilities, beaches, theaters, sporting events, and fine restaurants are available for all. Clubs, activities, and many volunteer opportunities abound for those who wish to become involved.

Mission Statement

The role of Rotonda West Association, Inc. is multifaceted: To protect the property interests of its members; to enhance living in the community; and, to plan for the future in its role as a community association. (Approved November 13, 2002)

Rotonda West new Community Center

Overview of the Association

The Rotonda West Association, Inc. (RWA) is a not-for-profit Florida membership corporation and is operated exclusively for the promotion of the common good and general welfare of the people of the Rotonda West community. It is incorporated under the Florida Not for Profit Corporation Act as stated in the Articles of Incorporation. The RWA is also governed by Florida State Laws Chapter 720 and Chapter 617, as well as local Governing Documents.

The RWA provides an organizational framework for cohesive community efforts by and for its membership and provides for the necessary operation, administration and government of Rotonda West as a community. The RWA is responsible for community services, general maintenance, care and upkeep of the community’s infrastructure, including, buildings, facilities and other properties. The RWA also promotes and in some cases sponsors cultural, esthetic, recreational and general programs and services for the members.

The RWA Board of Directors is generally responsible for maintaining and improving the community in the best interests of its members. The Board interprets, applies, administers and enforces the governing documents affecting the community. The Board may be assisted in these efforts by the establishment of standing/statutory and advisory committees. The RWA collects appropriate assessments, charges in the form of fines, deposits and fees for services rendered. These moneys are used to finance the activities of the association.

Section 0

0.0 Introduction Click here

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Section 1

1.1 Florida Statute 617 Chapter 1 – Section 1.1 Click here

1.2 Florida Statute 720 Chapter 1 – Section 1.2 Click here

1.3 Certificate of Incorporation Click here

1.4 Articles of Incorporation Click here

1.5 Amended Articles of Incorporation Click here

1.6 Amended Deed Restrictions Click here

1.6.02 Sample Deed Restriction Violation Fining Letter Click here

1.6.03 Deed Restriction Violation Fining Letter $50.00 per day Click here

1.6.04 Deed Restriction Violation Fining Letter $100.00 per day Click here

Read 1.7 Fine Structure Click here

Section 2

2.1 Amended By Laws Click here

2.1.1 By-Laws Amendment 062813 Click here

2.2 Board Role and Authority Click here

2.3 Board Code of Conduct Click here

2.4 Policy & Procedures Maintenance Click here

Section 3

3.1 RWA Policy & Procedures Click Here

3.2 RWA Current Committe Members Click here

3.3 Owner Participation at Meetings Click here

3.4 RWA Annual Meeting Click Here

3.5 Authorization to Release Contact Info Click here

3.6 Volunteer Selection Process Click here

3.7 Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement Click here

Section 4

4.1 Annual Budget Development Click here

4.2 Monthly Financial Reports Click here

4.3 Reserves Click here

4.4 Transfer & Estoppel Fees Click here

4.4.2 Estoppel Resolution Click here

4.4.2a Estoppel Resolution Click Here

4.4.3 Estoppel Resolution And Certificate Click Here

4.4.4 Transfer Assessment Resolution Click Here

Section 5

5.1 Employee Handbook  Click here

5.2.01 Employee Confidentiality Agreement Click here

5.2 Employee Confidentiality Agreement Click here


Section 6

6.0 Internal Controls Click here

Section 10

10.1 New Homeowner Packet Click here

10.2 Residential Modification Guidelines Click here

10.2.01 Residential Modification Application Click here  



Section 11

11.1 Communications with Contractors and Professionals Click here

11.2 Communications Usage Policy Click here

11.3 Inspection of Records Click here

11.4 Electronics Communication Release Click here

11.5 Sign Guidelines Click here

11.6 Garage Sale Signs-Approval Click here

11.7 Parking Pass Click here

11.7.01 Parking Pass Sample Click here

11.8 Working with Outside Entities Click here

Section 12

12.00 Committees Click here

12.01 Admin & Personnel Committee Click here

12.01.1 AP Comm Resolution Click here

12.02 New Construction Committee Click here

12.02.01 Model Home Signage Click here

12.02.02 New Construction Guidelines Click here

12.02.03 Architectural Review Form Click here

12.03 Budget & Finance Committee including Audit Click here

12.03.1 Budget & Finance Committee Resolution Click here

12.04 Compliance Committee Click here

12.04.1 Compliance Committee Resolution Click here

12.05 Deed Restrictions Committee Click here

12.05.1 Deed Restrictions Committee Resolution Click here

12.06 Election Committee Click here

12.06.1 Election Committee Resolution Click here

12.07 Residential Modification Committee Click here

12.07.1 Residential Modification Committee Resolution Click here

12.08 Aquatic & Canals Committee Click here

12.08.1 Aquatic & Canals Committee Resolution Click here

12.09 Buildings and Grounds Committee Click here

12.09.1 Buildings and Grounds Committee Resolution Click here

12.10 Communications Committee Click here

12.10.1 Communications Committee Resolution Click here

12.11 Activities Committee Charter Resolution Click here

12.11.1 Activities Committee Center Rental Agreement Click here

12.11.2 Rental agreement community center Click here

12.12 Wildlife Charter Click here

12.12.1 Wildlife Committee Resolution Click here


Section 13

13.0 Letterhead Template Click here