About Us

Early Facts About Rotonda West

by Jack Alexander The land on which Rotonda sits was owned originally by brothers William and Alfred Vanderbilt. William was a former Governor of Rhode Island, and both brothers were direct descendants of the renowned Cornelius Vanderbilt. Known as “The Commodore,” he... Read More

A Salute to Ed McMahon

By Jack Alexander The original Rotonda developer made two smart moves in 1970. First, he negotiated with ABC-TV to telecast The Superstars, a unique new sports event, then he retained Ed McMahon, Johnny Carson’s famous second banana to pitch Rotonda as Paradise. The... Read More

You’ve Got Mail!

by Jack Alexander Three times that call has resonated for me, at boarding school at age 12, as a Marine in some God-forsaken Belgian ditch during WW2, and from 1948 on, after I entered the U.S. an immigrant from Scotland far from family. In the early ‘70’s the first... Read More

A Round Community Is Romantic

By Jack Alexander When dining with multiple friends, I prefer a round table. It’s more congenial because everyone can see and talk easily with everyone else. For similar reasons, Joe Klein’s vision for Rotonda was that, unlike traditional square or block communities,... Read More