About Us

Administrative/Personnel Committee

Administrative / Personnel Committee Chair: President Patricia Aho Vice President: Patti Cowin Treasurer: Sam Besase The Administrative / Personnel (A/P) Committee is composed of the RWA President, 1st Vice President, and Treasure.  The Committee meets on an as needed... Read More

Activities Committee

Chairperson: Donna Stogsdill Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Donna Stogsdill (Chair), Patti Cowin (BOD Liason), Linda Bondeson (Secretary), Joe Harris (Staff Liaison), Susan Superak, Nick Gizzi,  Gwen Grace, and Deb Orchard Meeting Time:... Read More

Aquatics Committee

AQUATICS COMMITTEE Chairperson: Stan Plizga Email: [email protected]   Committee Members: Stan Plizga (Chair),  Jerry Eldred (BOD Liason), Hank Killion, Nick Gizzi, John House, Wayne Mengel, and Bob Winter,   Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday of... Read More

Rotonda: The Beginning and Before

By Jack Alexander As we traverse Rotonda, we might echo some interesting folk who preceded us. The history of our chunk of paradise goes deep. President James Monroe accepted Florida from Spain in 1821, when the invading Spanish went home, whipped by Indians, snakes,... Read More

Golf: At the Heart of Rotonda West From Day One

By Jack Alexander, RWA Historian Longtime Rotonda golfer Charlene Diggins said, “In the old days (mid-late 70’s) it was fun. The bar at the club was packed evenings, everyone having a good time, especially Fridays after Guys & Dolls. The early golf... Read More