Election Committee

Chairperson: Patricia Aho Email: [email protected]

Staff Liaison: Derrick Hedges

Committee Members: Karen Harvey (Secretary), Cheryl Lateer, Maureen McDowell, John Stem,​ and RoseAnne Woodliff.

Meeting Time: Is specific to the election schedule. Please check the RWA website calendar.

The Committee is responsible for conducting the annual election of directors to the RWA Board. The Committee reviews and updates as necessary the Election Guidelines (see below) which are used to oversee the annual election process. The Committee hosts an annual Candidates’ Night in October and oversees, along with the RWA accountant, the counting of votes cast at the annual meeting. The votes are tabulated by the RWA accountant, then certified and announced at the annual meeting in December.

Election Committee Rules, Procedures and Political Campaign Guidelines, – March 25, 2021