Compliance Committee

Chairperson: Barbara Peszko  Email: [email protected]

Committee Members:  Cynthia Johnson, Robert Bondeson, Walter Taylor, Bruce Lima, Jim Long, George Krabbe, Henry MacConel and Les Goodman.

Meeting Time: 1st Thursday of the month at 2 pm

This is a mandated committee under Florida State Statutes. It provides a review process for a fine or suspension relating to the violation of a Rotonda West covenant. Committee members are fellow owners who are not officers, directors, or employees of the association, nor related to them or the violator. If the party being fined desires a hearing, they may do so before the effective date of the fine. The Committee listens to both the violator’s and the RWA management’s concerns. Committee hearings are open to association members, but Florida State Statutes do not allow audience participation.