Chairperson: Stan Plizga

Email: [email protected]


Committee Members: Stan Plizga (Chair),  Jerry Eldred (BOD Liason), Hank Killion, Nick Gizzi, John House, Wayne Mengel, and Bob Winter,


Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday of each month at 10 am


The Aquatics Committee is responsible for the waters in our canals and the lakes within Broadmoor Park. Working with our regulatory agencies, RWA manager, and expert advisors, the committee defines a process to measure water quality, control invasive plants, select plants to control erosion, improve water quality, and provide an ecosystem to provide a sustainable habitat and food source for our wildlife. The Rotonda River is within our canal system and is part of the Lemon Bay watershed and must remain functional as a storm water control system. Any work the committee does on the river has to comply with our regulatory agencies.


Volunteers are welcome and needed to actively work under the guidance of the following sub- committees: Ecosystem Education & Publicity; Aquatic & Marine Habitat; Canal Infrastructure & Stormwater Outflow; Street/Swale Drainage; and Canal Trash Prevention/Clean-up. Residents interested in volunteering their time/talent are urged to contact the committee chairperson.