Committees at Rotonda West

There are ten Committees that assist and advise the Board. The Committees are comprised of volunteers appointed by the Board. The Board has representatives on ten Committees including: Activities Committee, Administrative / Personnel, Aquatics Committee, Budget and Finance Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Communications Committee, Compliance Committee, Deed Restrictions Committee, Election Committee, Residential Modification Committee and Wildlife Committee. The Election and Compliance Committees have no Board representation but they do report to the Board.

All Committee meetings are held at the community center and are open to the public. Clicking on the name of the chairperson will generate an e-mail form. Approved Committee meeting minutes are available for public viewing at the Community Center and can also be viewed here. Specific dates and times of Committee meetings can be confirmed on the Community Events Calendar.

Notice for every meeting must be posted a minimum of two days in advance. Notices are posted in the Community Center and, if requested, sent via e-mail. If you want to receive e-mail notification, submit a request by signing up with our newsletter on our page.


Administrative/Personnel Committee

Administrative / Personnel Committee Chairperson: President of the Board The Administrative / Personnel (A/P) Committee is composed of the RWA President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President.  The Committee meets on an as needed basis.  The A/P Committee conducts...

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Activities Committee

Chairperson: Andy VanScyoc Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Andy VanScyoc, Donna Stogsdill, Sam Besase, Susan Superak, Steve Froggatt, Nick Gizzi, Linda Bondeson, Corliss Arent Meeting Time: 1st Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am The...

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Aquatics Committee

AQUATICS COMMITTEE Chairperson: Stan Plizga Email: [email protected]   Committee Members: Stan Plizga, Hank Killion, Bob Winter, Wayne Mengel, Nick Gizzi, John House, Jerry Eldred   Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday of each month at 10 am  ...

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Budget and Finance Committee

Budget and Finance Committee Chairperson: Hank Killion Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Hank Killion, Sam Besase (Treasurer), David McGrath, Wayne Legris, Hank Artz Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday of each month - 2:00 PM. The Committee recommends...

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Buildings and Grounds Committee

Buildings and Grounds Committee Chairperson: Sam Besase Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Sam Besase, Jerry Eldred, John Peszko, Ellen Cassanos, Hank Killion, George Krabbe, and Bob Bondeson Meeting Time: 1st Thursday of the month at 10:30...

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Communications Committee

Communications Committee Chairperson: Patricia Aho Email: [email protected] Meeting Time: 1st Wednesday of the month at 10:30 am Committee Members: Patricia Aho, Barry Keane, Connie Smith, Diane Shaw, David Pulaski, Andy VanScyoc. Nadine Clough - West...

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Compliance Committee

Compliance Committee Chairperson: Richard Duggan Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Richard Duggan, Barbara Peszko ( Vice Chair), Cynthia Johnson, Robert Bondeson, Walter Taylor, Bruce Lima, Jim Long, George Krabbe, Henry MacConel. Meeting...

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Deed Restrictions Committee

Deed Restrictions Committee Chairperson: Patricia Aho Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Brian Armen, Allyson Eakin, Dale Jensen, Barry Kean, and Bernie Schmelz Meeting Time: 4th Wednesday of the month at 1:00 PM The goals and objectives of the...

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Election Committee

Election Committee Chairperson: Dale Jenson Email: [email protected] Committee Members: Dale Jensen, Jack Horner, Maureen McDowell, Cheryl Lateer, Karen Harvey, and Earl Haas. Meeting Time: Is specific to the election schedule. Please check the RWA...

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Wildlife Committee

Chairperson: Cari Hale Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 9:30 AM Email: [email protected] Members: Patti Cowin (B.O.D. Liaison), Belinda Olsen, Don Olsen, James Peterfesco, Joan Gotthardt, Lynda Chamowitz, Jan Meades, Cari Hale, Ann Stadnicki,...

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