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Organizations and Clubs

Rotonda West boasts a large variety of opportunities for residents to get involved in their community. Many of these opportunities are offered through Rotonda West organizations and clubs. Below is information about each organization and/or club in Rotonda West. Each is listed by name, description and contact person. The reader may also consult the Community Events Calendar for meeting dates and locations.


Coast Guard Auxiliary

The Coast Guard Auxiliary is a part of the Homeland Security Department of the U. S. Government. We are under the control of the regular Coast Guard. All members are volunteers and work with the Coast Guard to support its missions. Our main duties are safety on the water, public education (teaching about boating and boating safety), vessel exams and fellowship. 

We have safety patrols in this area on the weekends and are available for search and rescue mission when the Coast Guard needs help. Our on the water members are trained and have to pass tests both written and practical on the water. We use our personal vessels for these duties and they become Coast Guard Facilities when we are on a mission.

Our public education course is conducted 4 or 5 times a year and many boaters have taken this course. The course covers boating safety, how to navigate in our waters (read and understand the signs), right of ways for boaters, and general discussions about boating. It is course that everyone who has a boat should take.

This flotilla has been serving this community for 30 years. We meet at the Rotonda Community Center every 3rd Tuesday of the month. We are always looking for new members who want to take part in this service. A new member has access to many courses offered free to them. It is a wonderful way to learn many things about boating. We have many snowbirds in our group and this is not a problem.

We sincerely thank the Rotonda West Association for the use of there building for this very important group.

Contact: Dick Robert 484-350-1420
Alternate Ron Willis 941-423-9980

Friends and Neighbors

Friends and Neighbors is designed to help widows, widowers and people who are living alone meet others in the same situation. Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 9:30 AM, in Rotonda West Community Center. Social activities are planned monthly. The organization also offers bereavement support.

Contact: Ann Walker at 941-697-6905 /

Neighborhood Watch

Crime will always be a major concern of both citizens and law enforcement agencies. The National Sheriffs’ Association created the National NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH Program in 1972 to unite law enforcement agencies, private organizations, and individual citizens in a massive effort to reduce residential crime.

Rotonda West has just such an organization....

Patrol members drive through the neighborhood for only 2-hours per month. Both part-time and full-time residents participate.

Bases assist the patrols by calling in reports to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. Training is provided to enable volunteers to perform their duties and in addition to protecting in the community, individuals get to make new friends!

Volunteer...Make a difference. Volunteers are needed in both patrol and base positions. Both part-time and full-time residents are welcome to join.

President: John House 697-8030 /
Vice President-Admin: Bob Bondeson 548-1384 /
Vice President-Operations: Jim Laurent 698-4250 /
Treasurer: Lois Burger 828-3611
Secretary: Carol Louisgnan 697-5709 /

Recreational Vehicle Parking and Storage

The Rotonda Recreational Vehicle Parking Association Inc manages a parking and storage area for Rotonda West residents.  The area is located at the intersection of Parade Circle and Rotonda Blvd. North. It is fenced-in with access through a gate opened only by the keypad numbers of the tenants. Furthermore, the area is lighted and patrolled.  In order to be eligible to store vehicles or equipment at the lot, the person must be a resident of one of the subdivisions of Rotonda West.  There is a waiting list for space.  Between 12 and 18 slots may become available within any given year. A nominal fee of $125 per year per slot is charged to the user.

Contact: Richard Duggan, at 697-1891 /,
John and Barbara Peszko at 697-7592 /


Bridge Group

The Rotonda West Bridge Group meets every Tuesday at the Rotonda Community Center.  Play begins at 12:30 p.m. and five rounds are played.  Each round is limited to 1/2 hour.  A timekeeper rings a bell at the beginning and at the end of each round, when play must stop. (Only contracts made or defeated at that point are counted.)

There are four "regular" tables, consisting of 8 permanent sets of partners.  The winners of each round move on to the next table, where they split up and become opponents.  Likewise, remaining "losers" split up.  Duplicate scores are kept at each table. At the conclusion of play, scores are tallied and four cash prizes are awarded.

A roster of players is maintained.  In addition to the "regulars", a list of substitute players is provided.  It is incumbent on each player to secure a substitute, should he/she be unable to play.

Play takes place year 'round.  During December, a Christmas Party is usually scheduled.  A light lunch is served prior to play.

Contact: Mel Clark at 941-697-0357.

Buckeye Club

Calling All Buckeyes……

Do you have Ohio roots? Like to socialize with other “Buckeyes?”

We’ve got just the remedy for you!

The Rotonda West Buckeye Club is a “just for fun” group for Rotonda West part-timers and full-timers. We offer something for everyone. Our members gather on the last Monday of each month for potluck dinners, game nights, picnics, and excursions to local attractions. Why not join our group and connect with other “Buckeyes?”

Contact: Bev Webster at 941-697-3455 or Sue Artz at 941-697-5591.

Fiesta Association

Rotonda Residents: Are you looking for a good time? Enjoy music? Dancing? Good Food? Then please come join your Rotonda friends and neighbors for a night of fun and socialization. Dinner dances are held on the third Saturday of each month from October through April at the Hills Country Club Restaurant.

Whether you like to shake it up on the dance floor, or prefer to tap your toes while socializing at the table, wonderful live music is enjoyed by all.

Full-timers, part-timers, singles, and couples are encouraged to join. If you are interested in becoming a member or want to hear more about the Fiesta Association, please contact Donna Gleason at 941-697-8141 or Maureen McDowell at 508-934-6085.

The Rotonda West Fiesta Association, Inc. is a social organization which was established in 1971 and is a non-profit organization. Property owners of all the Rotonda subdivisions (e.g., Heights, Lakes, Windward, etc.) are eligible for membership. Membership dues are minimal, and payable annually in October. Each month, two delicious dinner choices are offered for a very reasonable cost (tax & tip included).

Click for 2016 Dinner Dance Dates

Old-Timers Group

The Old-Timers Group is comprised of Rotonda West pioneers - persons who moved into our community during its early stages of development. They gather for lunch and discussion at 12:00 PM on the second Wednesday of each month (except June, July, & August) at the Rotonda West American Legion Post 113 at 3436 Indiana Road. The archivist of the group, Pastor Carl Kaltreider, presents interesting Rotonda West memorabilia. All Rotonda West residents are welcome to attend.

Contact:Pastor Carl Kaltreider at 941-697-0413.

Rotonda Garden Club

Would you like to learn gardening in ROTONDA?
We meet every 4rd Friday at 11:30 am. Rotonda West Association, 646 Rotonda Circle, Broadmoor Park.
Bring your favorite cover dishes to share.
No membership dues.
Sharing Plants, gardening tips, occasional road trips, etc.

If you are interested in joining this fun loving group, send your name, address, tel #, and email address to:

Woman's Club

The General Federation of Woman's clubs (GFWC) Rotonda West Woman's Club has been an active organization in Rotonda West since 1973. The club is a part of the General Federation of Woman's clubs, the largest organization of women in the world. 

The club's main purpose is to raise funds for local, state and international charities, as well as scholarships for Lemon Bay High School seniors and continuing education scholarships for adults.

The club consists of six departments including: Art, Conservation, Education, Home Life, Public Affairs and International Affairs. This diversification provides an area of interest for all members.

Club meetings are held at the Rotonda West American Legion Post 113 at 3436 Indiana Road on the second Thursday of each month at 11:30AM for a luncheon meeting.

Please Contact Donna Krabbe at 941-697-4980 or email