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West Ways Mission Statement


West Ways is the official community newsletter of the Rotonda West Association published six times each year for residents and property owners world-wide.

The role of the newsletter:

  • To report proceedings of the Board of Directors that impact owners and residents
  • To feature community projects initiated by the Association that enhance the appearance of the community and thus increase property values
  • To recognize volunteers who are the backbone of the Association
  • To alert owners to important events during the year, such as Board and committee meetings, Candidates Night and the Annual Meeting
  • To encourage participation by the members in the affairs of the Association
  • To recognize deserving members who have worthy human interest stories
  • To promote the many amenities of the community and the area, including golf, fishing, boating, wildlife.
  • To promote clubs, organizations and activities that serve the best interests of the Association and its members, such as Neighborhood Watch, the Rotonda West Woman’s Club, Fiesta Association.
  • To define governing documents of the Association such as By-laws and Deed Restrictions, as well as County services for residents.
  • To feature additions/modifications to the Association website and direct people to the site for detailed information and to answer questions

Responsibilities of the Editor:

  • To report the facts and avoid any biased or personal observations
  • To identify and delete any material that may be deemed unacceptable for publication
  • To prepare a list of proposed contents in advance of each issue for review by the Community Relations Committee
  • To submit articles in draft form for approval to the appropriate committee chairmen or members interviewed or who provided data
  • To submit page proofs of each issue for review and approval by the Board of Directors, Community Relations Committee and staff
  • To recruit qualified writers, photographers and a layout specialist
  • To work with the printer and review and approve press proofs before printing


Approved by the Board of Directors on July 11, 2007