March 9

March 9

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Buildings & Grounds Committee
March 9, 2017
2:00 P.M.

Meeting was called to order at 2:00P.M.
Present: Hank Killion (Chairman), Barbara Peszko (Vice Chair), George Krabbe, Robert Bondeson, Carl Couture, John Peszko, Bob Barrett, Dean Ziegler, Sam Besase, and Sue Killion.
Absent: David Kelly, Glynn Perkins, Art Richards
Present: Scott Feldkamp, Manager, Claudette Romano, Margaret Bauer, Stan Plizga, Linda Bondeson, Ann Loewrigkeif, Marlene Nobile, Laura Beyer, and Stephen Froggatt
The minutes of February 9, 2017 were approved as read.
A representative from the Rotonda Garden club presented plans for a Butterfly Garden to be installed in an area at end of driveway where it meets the parking lot. The club will provide all the plants, shrubs, mulch, etc. needed for the site and will maintain same. A motion by Sue Killion and seconded by Robert Bondeson to submit this plan to the RWA Board of Directors for approval. Motion passed unanimously.
A purchase of a John Deere 5115M tractor and Schulte XH1500 mower has been completed and there will now be a total of 3 mowers.
George Krabbe head of the 5-year plan committee will come up with a prioritized list of things to be done. It was mentioned that finances for 2017 are not available for any new projects due to the finalization of the Community Center building. Funding for 2018 and the next 3 years will be $165,000.00 per year.
Scott Feldkamp, Manager gave a progress report on the Community Center building. As of this date the painting of the inside and outside is done, sound panels have been installed at the builders cost (Thank you Paul Bigness), Sub Design committee will meet to pick out appliances for kitchen, faucets, etc. Building should be done barring any unforeseen circumstances by mid-May.
A path around West Lake has been approved and will be installed
The removal of Brazilian Pepper bushes in Broadmoor Park are at 65% completion.
There are 9 sub-division signs that have been destroyed and need to be replaced. There was a plan to replace all the sub-division signs with replicas of our entryway signs but due to the high cost of each sign that plan has been placed on hold until a contractor can be found that will come in with a more reasonable price. This may take a very long time and the agreement was to replace the 9 signs.
The rotted boards at the Oakland Hills Marina will be replaced.
A cost and style has to be decided by the committee for memorial benches for Broadmoor Park. Once decided, advertisement for anyone wishing to purchase a bench in memory of a loved one will be done through West Ways or Facebook.
Meeting was adjourned at 3:28 P.M.
Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Peszko, Secretary
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