March 14

March 14

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Deed Restriction Committee(DRC)

Summary of Minutes of March 14, 2017 Meeting

1 – Call to Order
2 – Roll Call: Present John Matuza (Chair), Russ Kulp, George Hutton, Dick Duggan, Joseph DelBonis and Peter Traverso. Absent Glynn Perkins. Also Present: Scott Feldkamp, RWA Manager and Gerald Thomas, 1151 Rotonda Circle
3- Approval of minutes of February 14. 2017. Motion Russ Kulp, second Peter Traverso, motion carried 6-0.
4- Discussion of Deed Restriction draft. Motion made by Peter Traverso, seconded by Russ Kulp, carried 6-0, to “Provide to the Board of Directors for review the draft of Deed Restriction revisions of 3/14/2017
5- Discussion of remaining spreadsheet. It was determined by the committee that the review of the spreadsheet items is complete.
6- Adjourned 11;00 AM.
7- Next meeting April 11, 2017

Respectfully submitted
John Matuza (Chair)
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