August 2

August 2

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Rotonda West Association, Inc.
Community Relations Committee
Wednesday August 2, 2017

PRESENT: Earl Haas (Chair), Russ Kulp (Liaison), Linda Bondeson, Ginni Mahon, Don Mahon, Sue Superak, Andy Van Scyoc, Wayne Mengel, Andy Smith, Christine Lee, Sue Killion & George Burger
ABSENT: Dave Pulaski & Barry Kean
OTHER MEMBERS: Bob Bondeson, Hank Killion, Sam Besase, Stephen Froggatt, Thomas Rocque & Stan Plizga
MANAGEMENT: Claudette Romano
The meeting was called to order at 2:01 pm and roll call was taken. Our first meeting in our new facility.
July minutes were approved via email.
• Christine handed out the outline for the July/August edition of West Ways
• Deadline for copy/pictures is August 11th.
• A discussion followed regarding West Ways not being mailed to everyone that should receive the issue.
• According the Christine, Pride printed 5200 copies but only mailed out 3000. There was a mix up regarding updated lists supplied by the RWA to Pride.
• Russ Kulp stated that when Scott returns from vacation we will investigate obtaining a new vendor instead of Pride to resolve the issue.
• This issue will contain lots of pictures of the Grand Opening.
• It will have all the normal features in addition to a story on Carl Kaltreider, A profile on Tammy Birdsong, Neighborhood Watch, etc.
• All audio BOD meetings posted
• Visitors, Us, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, France, Great Britain, Canada and China.

• A very positive day.
• Looks like we had more than 500 visitors
• Donations for Englewood Helping Hand, 526 pounds of food and $224 in cash.
• We need to acknowledge the donations we received from the vendors (will put in next West Ways.

• Sue Killion gave us the name of the new Band Leader at Lemon Bay High School. Andy stated that he would contact the band leader and ask for their participation in the parade.
• Sue Superak stated that thanks to Andy we have a new Santa, Frank Gibson
• Sue also stated that we might have a float from either the Stone Crabs or Tampa Bay.
• Sue handed out sheets to all on different responsibilities. Each committee member has a job for the parade.
• Sue also handed out the Tri-Fold for review to the committee. All approved. Linda will have Scott Feldkamp acquire copies.

• Earl stated that the November 2nd date was approved by the board.
• A discussion followed regarding having food or just goodies.
• Most of the committee felt that it was better not to have food anymore and to concentrate more on introducing everyone to the opportunities within the RWA and other organizations.
• The Open House will be at the new Building
• Linda asked the question about what was permitted, allowed under the agreement with the Golf Partners.
• The agreement allows us to provide anything that we did in the old building, which means, coffee, tea, cookies and cakes, soda and water.
• Linda will proceed with making the arrangements.

• Wayne Mengel brought up the plaque for John Farrell, and naming the lakes in Broadmoor Park.
• Wayne had written up a suggestion on the plaque as well as the lakes.
• Earl will put the letter in the Directors Boxes and a discussion will follow at the pre-agenda meeting.

• Andy stated that they are working on policy & procedures
• Andy explained to the committee that they are an advisory committee to the board.
• They will be having a program on Florida Wildlife at 7:00 pm on 10/18/17
• A question came up about how the Activities Committee is going to communicate events to all.
• Facebook may be one of the most effective means, but not all subscribe.
• We could put a link on the RWA Website that Andy could post activities.
• Of course, the Calendar is already on the Website.
• Andy, Don and Claudette and Scott will get together to discuss.
• Another idea was to have a sub-committee on communications.
• A motion was made to have a plaque made for all the Volunteer of the Year honorees
• A motion was also made to have the new building called Rotonda West Community Center.
• These two motions plus the suggestion of the sub-committee for communications will be brought to the board.

The meeting adjourned at 3:25 and Sue Killion brought in to die for chocolate cookies. The next meeting will be held on September 6th, 2017 2:00pm, at the new Community Meeting Building.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bondeson
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