July 5

July 5

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Rotonda West Association, Inc.
Community Relations Committee
Wednesday July 5, 2017

PRESENT: Earl Haas (Chair), Russ Kulp (Liaison), Linda Bondeson, Ginni Mahon, Don Mahon, Sue Superak, Andy Van Scyoc, & Wayne Mengel
ABSENT: Dave Pulaski, George Burger, Sue Killion, Barry Kean, Andy Smith & Christine Lee
OTHER MEMBERS: Bob Bondeson, Donna Stogsdill, Sam Besase, & Pat Dix
MANAGEMENT: Scott Feldkamp
The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm and roll call was taken.
June minutes were approved via email.
• Don handed out the outline for the July/August 2017 West Ways
• Deadline for copy/pictures is August 11th
• The bulk of the issue will be dedicated to the Grand Opening on July 24th
• Article prepared on inmates in upstate prison print West Ways at considerable cost savings.
• There were issues with the mailing of the May/June issue, however a meeting has been scheduled with Scott, Claudette, Russ, Don & Christine to clean up the mailing lists.
• Don received a request from a resident asking if anyone is interested in starting a ukulele band. Don will write article to West Ways.
• All audio BOD meetings posted
• Visitors, Us, Israel, Russia, France, Great Britain, Canada and China.
• Scott making changes to Website
1. Button on front for On Line Payment
2. Estoppel Button in order to pay on line instead of Fax.

• We still do not have the CO but should be this week.
• Linda brought up the name of the building. The whole committee agreed that is should be called the Community Center. Scott stated that as soon as we get the CO we can revisit the name.

• Charlotte Plizga will make up basket.
• Don Mahon ready to send press releases.
• We will have a basket and a money jug for contributions to Englewood Helping Hand.
• Earl mentioned that Rotonda Golf will sponsor a golf outing in the fall to help Englewood Helping Hands.
• Anyone helping in the event should be there no later than 1:00pm
• Steve Superak and Bob Bondeson will do traffic control at the event.
• Scott will redo the sequence of events.
• Scott will make up a FAQ sheet for volunteers to answer questions.
• First 200 to get tote bag
• Must be present to win raffle prize.
• Activities Committee has designed a survey to hand out.
• Scott will take care of cleanup with the office staff.
• We will have a short meeting on7/22 at 2:00 pm to go over assignments
• Sue to contact Claudette about a banner vendor.

• Sue made up Thank You cards for the retiring Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus
• Earl handed over to Sue, all his notes on the Parade
• Sue Trying to get a hold of a ranch in Arcadia but no one has returned her calls.
• Linda to send Sue contact info on Bit of Hope Ranch
• Sue asked for volunteers for the Pioneer Day Parade to hand out applications to units for our parade.
• Sue talked about having feather flags, (Pat Dix to give Sue contact info)

• Linda wanted to set a date for the Open House
• Thursday November 2nd will be the date presented to the BOD for approval.
• The Open House will be at the new Building
• Linda to contact David Kelly about supplying the snacks.

• Earl made a comment about what a nice job the volunteers did at the Lemon Bay Cemetery.
• Earl also attended the Grand Opening of the new Sheriff’s offices. He stated that they were very nice.

• Wayne Mengel brought up 3 points he wanted to discuss
1. The sign at Lake Farrell looks bad (Scott to handle)
2. We should have a nice plaque made to dedicate to John Farrell for all he has done for the community and Broadmoor Park.
3. We should name all the lakes in Broadmoor Park instead of 11, 13, etc.
• The committee all agreed that all 3 were a good idea.
• Wayne to write up a brief statement to be presented to the BOD
The meeting adjourned at 3:25 and Sue Killion was surely missed not only for her presence but also her goodies. The next meeting will be held on August 2nd 2017 2:00pm, at the new Community Meeting Building.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Bondeson
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