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2017 RWA Elections

With scenic Lake Farrell as the background, the 2018 Board gathers as a group for their first photo. They are left to right, Andy VanScyoc, David Kelly, Hank Killion, President Russ Kulp, Stan Pligza, Patti Cowin and Peter Traverso. Photo by David Pulaski.

Patricia Cowin, David Kelly Are Top Vote Getters

By Don Mahon

Incumbent David Kelly and newcomer Patricia Cowin were the choices of owners to fill two vacancies on the Board of Directors for 3-year terns. They were the top vote getters among 4 other candidates.
 A near capacity house filled the Community Center for the 27th Annual Meeting on the evening of December 7.
 A total of 2,053 votes was the final count with 24 others rejected that were not completed properly.
Barbara Peszko, Chair of the Election Committee, announced the election results.
The vote count:
Patricia Cowin...914
David Kelly...845
Scott Schermerhorn...697
Sam Besase...611
Stephen Froggatt....484
Joseph Del Bonis...410.
The ballot counting was the responsibility of the Association's long-term accounting firm of Webb, Lorah & McMillan, PLLC, Geoff Lorah, a partner in the firm, was introduced and acknowledged for his long service to the RWA.
Patricia Cowin won the seat vacated by Scott Schermerhorn. During his term on the Board, Scott served as Vice President and was a member of three committees, Properties, Building & Grounds and Administrative.
Patricia completed a 30-year career in the U.S. Army and Federal Government. Among her Army duties, she was Career Field Manager for all Army industrial hygiene personnel.
Scott graciously congratulated Patricia and wished her well. David Kelly begins his third term on the Board. He is General Manager of the Rotonda Golf & Country Club, responsible for the community's five golf courses. He served as Board Secretary for the past year.
Board President Russ Kulp presided at the meeting and kept the proceedings moving.  He highlighted major accomplishments achieved by the Board, committees and staff in 2017.
Committee chairmen then had the floor to outline committee achievements for the year. Voters approved the roll-over of net membership income with a count of 1,843 for and 65 against.

Election Committee Meeting on July 12th
There will be an Election Committee Meeting on July 12th at 2PM at 646 Rotonda Circle.  This will be a Candidate Orientation for anyone interested in running for the Board of Directors and needs any information on how to go about it.  Also, discussion on the upcoming Election.  Deadline for submission of Candidates Info Sheet will be August 11, 2017 at 12:01PM.

Rotonda West Association, Inc. Election Committee Rules, Procedures & Political campaign Guidelines.

Election Guidelines - --Click here

Rotonda West Association, Inc. Election Committee Rules, Procedures & Political Campaign Guidelines as adopted on July 16, 2014.

Certificate of Amendment of Amended and Reinstated By-Laws - July 16, 2014 --Click here

RWA Voting Procedures Questions & Answers

1) I don't want to vote for any of the declared candidates. Can I write in a candidate of my choice?


2) Why must I sign the outside of the white preaddressed envelope?

Because we have a secret ballot, the procedures adopted by the Board of Directors of the RWA are as required by Florida statute 720.306 (8) (b). This statute requires the ballot be sealed in an envelope with no identifying markings, and placed inside an envelope with the lot identified and a signature on the outside of the envelope.

3) Why do I have to place each sealed ballot envelope in a separate signed white pre-addressed envelope? If I/we own more than one lot, why can't we place all blue sealed ballot envelopes inside a single signed preaddressed envelope?

Florida Statute 720.306 (8) (b) and the RWA Election Procedures section XIII A requires that each lot must individually have the signature verified as being of the designated voter.

4) What happens when the ballots are received by Webb Lorah and/or the RWA?

The RWA’s Independent Auditor, Webb Lorah, is the custodian of all mail-in ballot documents received prior to the annual meeting. Based on RWA Election Rules and Procedures, the Independent Auditor determines that annual meeting/election related documents have been completed and submitted properly. Your sealed blue envelope, containing a blue ballot, is opened and counted during the annual meeting, not before the meeting. Since the blue envelope and blue ballot contain no identification markings, your vote is secret. However, if rules and procedures are not followed, RWA Election Rules require that ballots be disqualified and not counted.