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Broadmoor Park

Broadmoor Park Update: The RWA Board desires to keep the RWA membership updated on the status of Broadmoor Park. Supporting this objective the Broadmoor Park Advisory Group working with the RWA Community Relations Committee will from time to time communicate to the membership updated information about the park. Click Here for the Update.

Broadmoor Park Planning Zones and Master Plan: Dean Ziegler, the group's chairman has developed two presentations that are on display at the community center. The first is a map of Broadmoor Park with 9 planning zones identified. Click Here to view the the planning zone display. The second is Broadmoor Park Master Plan showing the viewer the planned resources and amenities of the property. Click Here to view Master Plan.

Broadmoor Park Video:The Broadmoor Park property has received a lot of attention since its acquisition. A video has been developed to provide the viewer with a photographic rendition of the park. Click here to watch video. Google Chrome browser works best for viewing video.